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Arboreal Software, the makers of Romeo, are proud to present Spanner 0.7 - a significant upgrade from previous versions. The new Spanner Preferences Pane allows users to add any application on their drives to a watch list, and to perform customizable actions when those applications are launched or quit. The original function of Spanner - a menuling to provide easy toggling of hot corners - is still available as Spannerling.

Changes to Spannerling in this version
  • Name changed.
  • Spannerling now uses the System calls as opposed to restarting the Dock.
Changes to Spanner in this version
  • Creation of prefpane, allowing assignation of launch and quit actions to any application.
  • Easy selection of any application via a Browse dialog or from a drop-down list.
  • Assign special actions, keypress emulation or AppleScript actions.
Download Spanner here. If you have feedback or bug reports, please email us.