a Pause iTunes
    a Unpause iTunes
    m Safari
    d iTunes Dialog
    m VLC

Romeo Plugins

If you don't like the current menus, open them up, play round with them, and create your own from scratch. Romeo supports communication with other applications through Applescript, or via direct key and mouse emulation as well as a couple of other cool extras - zoom into your screen? No problem!

If you'd like your plugins displayed here - and added to a future repository - please email them to plugins@irowan.com.
aPause iTunesby Araglin   A sweet and simple pair of actions, to pause...
aUnpause iTunesby Araglin   ... and unpause iTunes as you enter and leave the room.
mSafariby Miles Thatsme   Safari from your phone; browse, tab, scroll, link - and bookmark.
diTunes Dialogby Ken Wallich   iTunes control through a dialog displaying the track - including playlist toggling
mVLCby Livio Marti   Based on djodjo's; updates FFwd/Reverse, and adds a "Play VCD" option
aAddress Book Connectby Paul Jones   An enter range action that launches Address Book, ensuring it connects to your phone
aAddress Book Quitby Paul Jones   An exit range action to quit Address Book
dMy DVD Playerby Rob Cameron   A vastly improved layout for controlling DVD Player from a t68, t610, or Veta
dScrollerby Arboreal   A demonstration of how to use the new scrollwheel emulation
dDisconnect+by Sebastian Heise   Improves on the default by asking for confirmation
miTunes Visualsby Sir M4d   Complete control over those iTunes visuals
mEyeTVby Michel Barbuto   Simple Control of your EyeTV
aSMS Viewerby Michael Hagel   Activates Address Book to view SMSes
mMPlayer OS Xby djodjo   Control the movie player mPlayerOSX
mVLCby djodjo   Control the movie player VideoLAN Client
mQuicktime Playerby djodjo   Control Quicktime Player from your sofa
mDirectors Notebookby Richard   Control the digital project notebook for directors
mSystemby Michael Hagel   A great collection of system scripts
mMailby Michael Hagel   Make your Mac read - out aloud - how many mails you have
mSafariby Michael Hagel   A small collection of links for Safari
m = menu; d = dialog; a = action

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