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Romeo gives you remote control of your mac via Bluetooth and a compatible mobile device, controlling programs such as iTunes and DVD Player, as well as presentation applications. Use your mobile as a mouse, as a volume control, or as a method of telling your mac when you're there. If you want to add support for another application, use the built in editor - and share your new plugin with the mac community!

Romeo 0.9.3 Released

   I'd like to apologize to everybody for the long wait. There have been several important changes, so whilst I'm still not happy with this version, I've been convinced to just release. The source isn't quite up in the SourceForge CVS yet, but if you're after it just drop me an email. A changelist, by no means complete:
  • Interface localized into French and German.
  • Graphical bezel-style Caller ID, using the Address Book framework for IDing people.
  • Improved dock and menubar menus, including a status item.
  • Fixed dock icon hiding in 10.3 and higher.
  • Now checks whether devices are paired and points the user to the Bluetooth Setup Assistant as appropriate.
  • Added some basic AppleScript commands including connect, disconnect and status.
  • Added user feedback display, fully controllable via AppleScript ("display text ...")
  • Fixed zooming in Panther.
  • Fixed AppleScript launching Classic applications in the supplied menus (thanks to Leor Bleier)
  • New "About" window including links to the website.
  • Interface tweaks including GUI layout, Open and Save dialogs remembering last directory, and improved error dialogs.
  • Improved handling of drag-and-drop.
  • Fixed Screensaver interaction methods to no longer conflict with Panther's screensaver security features
  • Improved phone name fetching and storage.
  • Improved handling of phone calls and SMSes whilst in a dialog.
  • Improved processor use dramatically when bluetooth hardware is not present or disabled.
  • Added key emulation for numpad keys.
  • Updated default menus and actions. Due to changes and fixes, all users will be prompted for an upgrade.
  • General bugfixes and improvements to make Romeo a better OS X citizen.
  • Extensive code rewrites; if you've downloaded the code before and blanched, it's still bad, but it's much better.
Thursday 18th March   Hiatus
Yes, it's been another long hiatus, but I'm finally putting a little work back into Romeo. Check back at the end of the month for a new version.

Wednesday 15th October   Ooops
I'm afraid I made a silly little mistake preventing proximity enter-range actions from triggering; thanks to forum-user davidi4 for pointing it out. All fixed in 0.9.2b; grab it in the usual place.
The good news is that Romeo is fully Panther-compatible, ready for the release date.

Romeo 0.9.2 Released

Nothing groundbreaking, but a solid upgrade which improves connections, fixes bugs, starts rewriting the interface and adds a couple of minor features. A recommended update for all. Highlights include:
  • Connection code further improved - speed gains as well as bug fixes.
  • Double-click table entries to edit them.
  • New items highlight for instant editing.
  • Options windows are now view-based in a single window.
  • Support for enter, escape and delete in editor windows, as well as command-s.
  • Double-click or drag-and-drop plugins into tables to import them.
  • Click-and-drag/click-and-hold added as action type.
  • Special actions menu added to editor windows.
  • Underlying improvements with preferences and plugins for behavior and updating.
  • Basic applescript hooks added, with support for special actions.
  • Improved documentation
Once again, grab it at the download page!

The next version will include full language support - please contact me if you can localise Romeo into a language other than English, French, or Italian.

Monday 13th October   News
As per usual, the house move and associated gubbins took longer than normal. Never mind, and check back tomorrow morning for a fresh, new, minty-tasting Romeo 0.9.2!

Tuesday 17th September   News
0.9.2, a minor GUI and underlying change update, is coming soon; in other news, I'm moving house this weekend, which could well prove problematic as well as time-taking. The usual then!

Romeo 0.9.1 Released

A "minor bugfix release" that grew to something a little bigger, it's recommended that anyone using Romeo downloads this update. Not only do you get a host of bugfixes, but extra features, too! Highlights include:
  • Support for more devices - improved T610 support, and now fully compatible with Veta Universal for the Nokia 3650 and 7650!
  • Multiple monitor support for the mouse.
  • Scrollwheel emulation.
  • Add a System Menu to have Romeo at your fingertips all the time!
  • The dock icon now show connection status. Don't like the icon in your dock? Then you can hide it.
  • Select port and name, so you can control several macs from one phone.
  • And speed freaks will be happy to know 0.9.1 has been built with the latest tools, optimising code for the G5 so you can, um, click faster...
Grab it at the download page!

Arboreal has also decided to release Romeo as open-source. Romeo can be found on SourceForge under GPL, although that site is having some problems at the moment. If you're an interested coder, sign up as a developer - anonymous access seems to be having the most problems!

So what about the future? Well, you can expect Romeo to be updated fairly frequently. Look out for better support for more mobile devices - including plugin support of the same - as well as increased language support, better applescripting, and a lot more. Stay tuned!

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